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Our educational process is student-centered and not limited by the walls of the classroom.

通往成功的道路有很多, and we strive to help our 上学校 students discover their own unique talents and ambitions. One of the hallmarks of a Ravenscroft education is that our students graduate remarkably well-prepared for college. 但结果并不重要 — it’s about the journey and what we learn and discover along the way.

Our academic program is comprehensive 
Students have many opportunities to tailor their 上学校 journey based on their interests and passions. In addition to their rigorous and engaging courses, students may choose from dozens of 学生俱乐部 and even work with their teachers to develop an independent study opportunity in their junior or senior years.

The advisory program fosters personal growth and builds community while students navigate the high school experience. Faculty advisors help guide each student’s journey by facilitating the advisory curriculum, 其中包括 十大澳门信誉网赌排名 lessons, guidance in course selection and informal mentoring. 

Ravenscroft’s four-year college counseling program equips students with the skills and confidence to make an informed decision. 三个有经验的 大学辅导员 encourage students to look at a broad range of colleges in order to find schools that best match students’ desires and capabilities.

Standard 上学校 Schedule Selections


  • English I
  • Math
  • 世界通用语言
  • Biology
  • 世界历史
  • 健康及体能
  • Education
  • Elective

10th Grade

  • English II
  • Math
  • 政府/经济学
  • Chemistry
  • 世界通用语言
  • Elective


11th Grade

  • 英语3
  • 1 / 2作文(一学期)
  • 或AP英语语言和
  • 作文(全年)
  • Math
  • 美国历史
  • Physics 
  • 世界通用语言
  • Elective
  • Option to pursue an Independent Study

12th Grade

  • English IV (or AP English Literature)
  • Math
  • 3或4门选修课
  • Option to pursue an Independent Study